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Sector 9

Sector 9 Buttersauce 65mm Longboard Wheels

Sector 9 Buttersauce 65mm Longboard Wheels

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The Sector 9 Buttersauce 65mm Longboard Wheels are the sensational Butter Sauce 78a Shredthane Longboard Wheels from Sector 9 and feel the difference in your slide performance! Specifically designed for a durable slide that not only provides crucial control when bombing hills but also offers extra flair to your style leaving long lasting streaks of urethane upon the pavement!  
65mm sizing,                                                                                                                         78a durometer rating.
Sector 9's signature Shredthane urethane formula designed for durability and lasting slide streaks on the pavement.
Sector 9's Cosmic Core for a more even wear as you get closer to the core.
Includes set of 4 wheels.
100% premium urethane.

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