Collection: Slide Gloves

Longboard Gloves or Longboard Slide Gloves are a great safety accessory if you are a serious longboarder. Looking to step up your game and learn to power slide and drift at high speeds? Then you need a good set of Longboard Sliding Gloves.

What to look for when buying gloves:

If you're new to the sport I'd go for a higher end glove like the Loaded Freeride or NordiK Freeride gloves. They have more safety features, such as wrist straps and extra finger pucks, for a longer lasting glove when you're just learning how to slide.

More experienced riders can opt for a cheaper style longboarding glove, like the Sector 9 BHNC or the Landyachtz Freeride gloves. They sport a nice slide puck but minimal features and a nice low price point, which means they're great for experienced riders but wont last long for a beginner slider.