Longboard trucks are the part that is critical for steering and control on your longboard. Longboard trucks are generally a reverse kingpin style truck, which means the kingpin is reversed as opposed to a standard skateboard truck. Some top brands of longboard trucks are gullwing trucks, caliber trucks, paris trucks, and bear grizzly trucks.

Gullwing is mostly known for the famous gullwing "sidewinder" trucks which is a double kingpin truck that allows for super tight turning radius and carving.

Looking for a good downhill style longboard truck then check out the 44-degree caliber II trucks. The lower angle kingpin keeps your board steady at higher speeds along with the right state of mind.

Cruising style trucks are generally a 50-degree reverse kingpin truck. 50-degree longboard trucks allow for tighter carves and a super smooth ride. Check out the paris 180mm 50degree trucks for a great cruiser style longboard truck.